The FORUM is a collection of perspectives and ideas that I have found fascinating and beneficial to my understanding of the visual arts. I hope you find some of these ideas valuable to the development of your own appreciation of the arts.

Why Beauty Matters

This BBC production presented by philospher Roger Scruton, reasserts the role and the importance of beauty in art and in our lives. Scruton argues that the era of modern thought has changed art, architecture and music, at the cost of beauty- creating a cult of devotion to the conceptual and leaving us in a spiritual desert.

Why Art?

Psychologist and University Professor Jordan B. Peterson speaks about the value of art in our lives.

Camille Paglia at Studio Q

Camille Paglia, author and teacher of religion and modern culture speaks on high art and pop culture.

Ways of Seeing

A BAFTA award-winning BBC series with John Berger, which rapidly became regarded as one of the most influential art programmes ever made. In the first programme, Berger examines the impact of photography on our appreciation of art from the past.

Sister Wendy

Author Sister Wendy Beckett expresses how she sees art and the personal meanings it holds for her.

Sister Wendy

Definitely worth exploring

The Shock of the New

  Robert Hughes' television series about the influences and modernization of Art.